The department of Lab Medicine (Pathology) is well equipped with the latest automated analyzers and caters following services 24X7:

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Biochemistry

  • Hematology

  • Cytopathalogy

  • Histopathology

Scope of Services:

  • Biochemistry – The department of Pathology can provide biochemistry reports with accuracy and precision within few minutes as it is equipped with fully automated Vitros 350 drychemistry analyzer. Because the readymade casettes used chances of contamination and errors are minimised.

We also have RX 50V Microlab Semiautomated biochemistry analyzer.

For managing our clinically ill patients we have state of the art fully automated ABL 800 Blood Gas Analyzer along with Electrolytes Analyzer.

For Immunoassay tests (Serology) we have minividas system (semiautomated immunoassay system) Elisa reader from microlab.

  • Haematology - Complete hemogram is a basic prelimainary test done for diagnosis of anaemias, leukemias and also to know exact platelet counts in various clinical conditions.

We are equipped with Sysmex KX 21 cell counter for all the haemograms.

We also perform bonemarrow studies with special stains and coagulation profiles as mentioned above.

For coagulation tests, we have Hemostar XF 2.0 from Tulips.

  • Clinical Pathology - Along with routine tests, special tests on urine like B.J. Protein, Perphobillinogen, Chyluria and Body fluid analysis are done.

  • Histopathology and Cytology - FNACS and endoscopic biopsy reportings are done along with routine histopathology reporting.

Key Features:

  • Optimal turn-around time (TAT)

  • Use of EQUAS - regularly to maintain quality control

  • Reports are delivered with high precision & accuracy

  • Highly qualified and skilled staff

Team of Experienced Doctors

Dr. Asmita Kolur

Dr. Asmita Kolur
MBBS, MD Pathology

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Dr. Nitant Vora

Dr. Nitant Vora
MBBS, MD Histopath & Cylopath

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Dr. Varsha Sul

Dr. Varsha Sul
MBBS DNB Hemotology & Clinical pathology

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